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What we believe

            Methodists have always affirmed their connection to the wider story of Christianity. We hold a common faith in a Trinitarian God, a Son that has been sent to us in Jesus Christ, and a Spirit that testifies to that reality in our hearts and in the world today. There is nothing new in our beliefs. Christians have affirmed this story for two millennia. In fact, we still say one of the ancient creeds every week to remind ourselves of the shape of our story.

            Furthermore, as Methodists, we hold up our experience of the holy as important to how we talk about and live out our faith. We are all different, and by holding up that diversity, we allow for many different ways to speak about the work of that loving God in the world. We do not look for ‘cookie-cutter’ experiences but seek a way to see God in the variety of ways in which God has expressed Godself to us. Here at Mt. Zion we want you to experience that God deeply, passionately, and continuously.

            Since the times of John and Charles Wesley in the 1700s in England, part of what it means to be Methodists is how we embody that gracious experience of God to world outside the four walls of the church or “putting faith and love into action”. Our founders saw that such social action was not an optional part of what it means to be a follower of Christ but part of what it means to experience God. So, our faith is expressed in serving each other and our communities in which we live, building stronger bonds, and a more just world through the strength and conviction that God has given us. We, at Mt.Zion United Methodist, are always finding ourselves in acts of kindness and the work of service whether it is in the Good News Clubs in our schools or the quiet one-on-one acts of support and aid with fellow community members.

            If you would like to know more about what it means to be a part of us at Mt. Zion, please feel free to contact us.

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